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Things You Need to Know

Contacting a Coroner

When someone dies, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) is required. If the death occurs at home, the deceased’s GP may be in a position to issue this, and similarly, if the death occurs in a hospital, the doctor will usually provide this. If these medical professionals are not able to issue an MCCD for any reason, the death is reported to the coroner.

Investigating all aspects of the death, the coroner will establish whether a post mortem examination is required in order to establish the cause of death and clarify whether the coroner is able to give permission for an MCCD to be issued.

Furthermore, the coroner’s office will produce any paperwork required by the funeral director and may also, in some circumstances, register the death as well. For more information, download and read this very helpful guide by The Ministry of Justice.

Registration of a Death

In England and Wales, a death must be registered by the Registrar of Births and Deaths for the area in which the death occurred. The death must be registered within 5 days unless a coroner is involved. You may register the death if you are:

Registration of a Death

  • A Close Relative of the Deceased

  • A Relative in Attendance during the Last Illness

  • A Relative in the District Where the Death Occurred

  • A Person Present at the Death

  • The Person Arranging the Funeral

In order to register a death, you will require several important documents, including:

Registration of a Death 2

  • The Medical Cause of Death Certificate (MCCD) from a GP

  • The Deceased's National Health Medical Card

  • Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate

Additionally, the registrar requires the following information:

Registration of a Death 3

  • Full Name of Deceased

  • Home Address

  • Date and Place of Death

  • Date and Place of Birth

  • Last Occupation

  • Date of Birth of Surviving Partner

  • Whether the Deceased Was in Receipt of a Pension or Allowance from Public Funds

If the deceased was a married woman, they also require the following:

Registration of a Death 4

  • Maiden Name

  • Husband’s Full Name (Even If Deceased)

  • Husband’s Last Occupation (Even If Deceased)

Lastly, they require the following from the informant:

Registration of a Death 5

  • Full Name of Informant

  • Home Address


The registrar will provide you with two certificates, one Green and one White. The Green certificate must be handed to the funeral director in order for a funeral to take place, and the White certificate is for social security purposes.

Additionally, they will provide copies of the death certificate, which may be required for:


  • The Will

  • Pensions

  • Bank Accounts

  • Life Insurance Policies

  • Savings Bank Certificates

  • Premium Bonds

The registrar is able to report a death to most government organisations through the “Tell It Once” service, accessible only by a registrar at the point of registration.

Local Registrars


Stenson House

London Road

Coalville, LE67 3FN


The Atkins Building

Lower Bond Street

Hinckley, LE10 1QU


Southfield Road


Leicestershire, LE11 2TQ


County Hall


Leicester Road, LE3 8RN

South Wigston

Bassett Street

South Wigston


LE18 4PE

Market Harborough

42 Coventry Road

Market Harborough


LE16 9BZ

Melton Mowbray

Parkside, Civic Offices

Station Approach, Burton Street
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
LE13 1GH

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